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24 August
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1. Please credit in your icon keywords or comments. possiblepbicons is all it takes.

2. Going along with credit... If you use my icons for role playing, please keep in mind that not only do I also rp, but I have friends that do. I know when my icons are being used.

3. Please comment with what you take: If people are actually taking and using my icons than perhaps I will make more, but if I spend time doing a batch and then no one uses them...chances are I'm not going to continue for very long.

4. Sharing: The quickest way to find out information is word of mouth. If you have friended this community and have found icons you like than please, TELL YOUR FRIENDS! They might appreciate the help.

5. Requests: I always have a running request list. If you would like to place a request than please click on the link on my user page. It is the fastest and easiest way to get there. The only stipulation that I have is that you have an actual person in mind. If you give me a general description, like brown hair, curly, looks like Hermione Granger, I'm not going to do it. To be honest, I simply don't have the time to be hunting down people who look like Hermione Granger.

6. In order to be added: Please add me FIRST, then comment.